Waterfalls and Bridges


About the Book

Alex grew up in a quiet suburban neighborhood in Syracuse, New York. As a young boy, he experienced emotional, physical, and sexual abuse at the hand of his father. He graduated from high school, and was determined to make a name for himself as a singer-songwriter. He played in coffee houses, youth shelters, and on the streets of downtown Syracuse. After a successful gig as the opening act for a national recording artist, he and a friend decided to hit the road and head west. 

  The ensuing adventures, provide a colorful background for this compelling tale. Once in California, Alex began to spiral out of control. The wounds from his past were catching up to him. As the story unfolds, there are miraculous events, second chances, healing and restoration. Alex’s knack for telling the story, and his honest style of writing, will take you along on a journey from abuse and despair, to love and forgiveness.

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